• What is ECU Remapping?

    ECU Remapping, is when your vehicles computer files are modified and up-dated. The original factory files are replaced. In simple terms, it’s like updating a software program on your computer. To find out more, click here.

  • What is the difference between an ECU Re-map and a Chip?

    The difference between an ECU re-map and a Chip is substantial. A Chip is a small external module which works in conjunction with the engines computer. It intercepts small amounts of information from the engines computer and changes this information before it gets to where it’s going. It basically tricks the computer.

    An ECU re-map is “re-programing”, of the engines computer; this is done by uploading a new file. There is no module or unit fitted. This is a much more advanced way to increase power and torque. Re-mapping gives much more control and adjust-ability over a chip.

  • What is a Dyno Graph?

    A Dyno graph, or Dyno chart is a two-dimensional representation of an engine’s horsepower and torque over the engine’s speed range. Simply, its how we read a vehicles power and torque at a given speed.

  • Which is better? Chip or Re-map?

    ECU re-mapping is much more advanced than a chip. Re-mapping offers a huge amount of adjust-ability over a chip, it is much safer and more reliable.
    Re-mapping will out perform a chip, producing more power and torque, better fuel economy and improved drive-ability.

    Chips are old technology and very limited to what they can do, they still do have a place but only if an ECU re-map is not possible.


  • Is ECU Re-mapping safe?

    YES, ECU re-mapping is safe. Our ECU re-mapping process enhances and optimises the power of the engine within safe limits, not beyond them.

  • Is there a warranty?

    Yes, our tunes are covered by a 3 year/100,000 km warranty*.

  • How much more power can I expect?

    Every car is different, and therefore the results will be different. A power increase between 25 to 35% is very common, however we do see some vehicles with huge increases between 40-60%. All our tunes are kept with-in the manufacturers safety parameters, and this will have an impact on how much power can be achieved.

  • Is ECU remapping all the same?

    No, not all ECU remapping or “tuning” is the same!
    You might be surprised to find that there can be a HUGE difference in ECU remapping.

    To find out more click here.

  • What happens if the dealer updates my computer?

    When a dealer up-dates a vehicles computer, it doesn’t necessarily mean this will effect a tune. However, if your vehicle did return to the dealer, and for any reason the ECU software was up-dated and the “tuned” file was overridden, we can re-flash your tuned file back at NO charge. (conditions apply)
    Your stock file and your new tuned file are both stored on our data base.