Just like your engine, your automatic transmission is precisely controlled by a computer. Everything from what rpm it shifts at, to how hard it shifts, to when the torque converter locks up, is all controlled by the transmission computer.

Just like the ECU controlling your engine can be remapped for improvements, the transmission can also be remapped. (NOT by everyone though)

Transmission Remapping Explained

As we have now come to understand that the Manufacturers don’t always get things right. One of the worst offenders is the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series. Out of the box it performs “reasonably” well from first gear all the way through to fourth, then it all falls apart.

The torque converter locks in way too late; it has a bit of a long gap between 1st to 2nd, it holds fifth gear from 70 km/h to around 120 km/h before it’ll finally lug over into sixth. If you’ve got larger tyres, you’ll rarely use sixth and some never see 6th gear.

This is where Transmission remapping comes into play.

With our State-of-the-art Tuning equipment, we can read the factory calibration in the Transmission computer, transfer the files to our tuning software, make the changes that are required and transfer the files back.

With the factory file pulled out of the ECU, our tuner can change the transmission’s behaviour. The most common changes are shift points, to even out each gear change, transmission line pressure, to reduce the flaring between gears and give it a slightly more positive change. Also changing 5th and 6th gear so you can use the full range of ratios through normal operation.

More and more late model 4WD automatic transmissions are starting to suffer the same issues as the Land Cruiser 200 series, and our team is constantly working on Transmission Remapping on other makes and models, like the Toyota Hilux and Prado just to name a few.

For more information on Transmission Remapping, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 55277207.