More power, More torque, Less fuel….. NOW you’re talkin! The perfect package.

The most popular tune, the towing and touring tune has got it all. Around 35% more power and torque can be achieved after our custom Dyno tune, some 4 wheel drives gain even more. Fuel economy improvements around 10 to 15% are quite common too. Every 4×4 is custom tuned on our Dyno to maximize its potential. The towing & touring tune is focused on increasing low down to mid-range torque, as this is exactly where it is needed the most. We customise a tune for your particular vehicle to give you the ultimate outcome.

How its done!

Your 4WD is put on to the Dyno, standard checks and tests are carried out, pre-runs are carried out and all the data is stored and cross-referenced. Using our tuning equipment and software we extract the necessary computers files from your vehicles ECU. We then check and alter the files to suit our tuning, this is what is called “ECU Remapping”. The modified files are then put back into the ECU. The car is then re-run on the Dyno and the new data checked. The files can be changed and computer re-flashed several times until we achieve the perfect tune. Final runs and data are logged of your 4 wheel drives results, a print out and laminated copy show before and after power and torque figures. Now to take her for a test drive………

4wd ECU Remapping is the safest way to increase the power and torque of the modern common rail diesel engine today. Using our AlienTech tuning equipment we are able to custom tune just about any late model vehicle today.

The Holiday.


There’s nothing worse, family holidays, you’ve been driving for hours, kids in the car, caravan in tow. Your sitting there, hand in hand with ya missus, singing to your favorite tunes, heads are bopping away.

You look in the mirror and notice this Kenworth sneaking up behind, you glance ahead and see the hill… no, it’s not a hill, it’s a mountain…
OMG… Your missus looks over to see your eyes popping out, “what’s wrong sweet heart?” she says…   “The Kenworth,  the Kenworth..  its gunna run us over”…. “Well squeeze it dear”, she says…   “Not my hand idiot, the throttle, squeeze it!… You’ve been to Diesel Performance Tune”  she says !!!!
So squeeze that throttle you do!  You feel your body getting pushed back into the seat, you start pulling away from the Kenworth,   then you start to grin,   you try to stop grinning but you can’t…  You look over and ya missus has got this grin too… you say, “what are you smiling about”? She looks over, sheepishly and says, “how good was that, that’s even better than se….”

(DAAAD) you hear from the back seat,………….. “are we there yet”?