Lovells Coil Springs are manufactured to the highest standard from Australian made One Steel micro alloy spring steel. Many Lovells Coil Springs are of a Progressive Rate design. This design enables a spring to increase in spring rate when you need it and decrease when you don’t, ensuring the ultimate in handling and ride comfort. Lovells springs come with a 5-year unlimited km warranty.

Lovells Gas Legend series 3 twin tube Shock Absorbers come with a 40mm bore and huge 60mm expanded body design which provides up to twice the oil capacity of Original Equipment shock absorbers to maximise fade resistance, run cooler and allow fast reaction time to road changes.

Gas Legend Twin-Tube shock absorbers feature:

  • Teflon banded steel pistons and nylon mechanical top out stops.
  • Piston retainer nuts, mechanically peened to stop failure at high temperature.
  • Multistage valving system to allow a progressive dampening effect from slow to fast piston velocity thus automatically adjusting to all conditions.
  • Shafts are manufactured from tough 20mm hardened chrome micro alloy steel, precision engineered to withstand the harshest of environments, while reducing friction and wear.
  • Piston rod seals are Viton high quality, high temperature multi-lip design to again reduce friction and provide longer life.
  • Robust 1.5mm thick external and internal walls.

Lovells Gas Legend shock absorbers come with a 3 year/ 70,000 km warranty.

Lovells semi elliptic leaf springs are designed for most popular ride height variations and load carrying capabilities. Lovells semi elliptic springs have the outstanding characteristics of not only acting as a spring, to resiliently support the vehicle, but also serve to position the axle, dampen vertical deflection and cushion both driving torque and braking reaction. Lovells leaf springs are manufactured to the highest standard from Australian made One Steel micro alloy spring steel.
Lovells leaf springs are covered by a 5 YEAR unlimited km warranty.

Increased Payload

Increase your payload capabilities by upgrading the GVM. Carry more weight legally and safely.

Corporate Protection

Protection from OH&S claims & negligence claims.


Avoid the police or your insurance company investigating if your vehicle is overloaded.

Toyota Land Cruiser 76 series 2009 – 3/12
OE GVM 3000 – Lovells GVM 3510
OE GCM 6500 – Lovells GCM 7000 (Federal and some State compliance’s)
Toyota Land Cruiser 76 series 04/12 on
OE GVM 3060 – Lovells GVM 3660
OE GCM 6560 – Lovells GCM 7160 (Federal and some State compliance’s)

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