The benefits of having a Stocklock torque converter lockup kit

Our team has done back-to-back testing, and when the low-speed lock-up is activated, we achieved over 25% more torque to the wheels. We also have customers reporting up to 30 degrees cooler transmission temperatures and fuel economy improvements around 2-3 litres/100km when towing.

In addition to the above advantages of fitting a Stocklock torque lockup kit, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Automatic on and off — Convenient for both everyday driving and towing, a lockup kit automatically controls the transmission lock-up when you are driving and slowing down to a stop.
  • Holds 5th & 6th gear — At around 78 km/h, the torque converter will automatically lock to hold 5th gear, allowing you to increase revs. If you go fast enough, the Stocklock torque converter lockup kit will engage and lock in 6th gear too.
  • Increased engine braking — Not only is this more fuel-efficient than regular breaking, but engine braking also reduces brake wear and tear, keeping your brake system in better condition.
  • Factory look/style switches — Enjoy a clean and professional factory appearance when you install a Stocklock torque lockup kit in your vehicle.
  • Reduced flaring between gears — Although a Stocklock torque converter lockup kit can increase torque by more than 25%, switching between gears will remain smooth — ensuring no damage is caused to the friction elements.
  • Lower transmission temperatures — With heat being the number one cause of transmission failure, having lower transmission temperatures ensures that your vehicle runs cooler, shifts better and your transmission will last longer.
  • Fuel economy improved up to 3 litres/100km — The Stocklock torque lockup kit takes various factors into account before locking, such as wheel speed, throttle percentage and engine load. Once it locks, however, your vehicle will stop slipping — reducing heat and drastically improving fuel economy.
  • Market-leading and most technologically advanced unit available — Tried-and-tested all over the country, you can be confident that this torque converter kit is the best on the market. There is no better choice when it comes to improving your vehicle’s drivability and longevity.

If you own a 200 series Land Cruiser, Prado or Hilux, this has got to be on the top of your list of upgrades

From better shifting to improved fuel economy, lower transmission temperatures, factory-style switches and more, the benefits of installing one of our torque converter kits are plenty. So, if you’re tired of shifting issues and hunting between 5th and 6th gear, get in touch with us today. There is no better place to get Stocklock torque converters on the Gold Coast than at Diesel Performance Tune.

Rick and the team did a fabulous job upgrading my beloved 200 series. I have always loved my vehicle but love it even more now! Rick's professionalism and vast knowledge of the 200 series instilled confidence and trust. I am now a Diesel Performance Tune addict and can't wait for my next mod!

Natalie French

I was asked to contact this business by a third party to try and resolve an issue I had with my car’s suspension. I was somewhat prepared for service that was so-so as I lived on the other side of the country and it was obvious that more than likely I would never cross their doorstep again once I had the problem looked at. That view could not have been further from the truth. Rick fitted me in to initially look at the problem and then spent an hour thoroughly diagnosing what may be the cause. He contacted two separate suppliers, arranged to have the parts delivered ASAP and again fitted me in first thing on the Monday morning to complete the job so I could be on my way. I cannot speak highly enough of this company and it’s staff and it’s approach to customer service. I would have no issue using them for any of the services that they provide and do not hesitate to recommend others to do likewise.

Rick V

When it comes to knowledge and quality workmanship you won't find any better on the GC. We originally took our ranger to these guys to fix something that had been incorrectly installed by another company and no one could correct this. From the first conversation these guys knew their stuff and were honest! And resolved my issue with one visit. We are so lucky we were referred to Diesel Performance Tune and take all our vehicles to these experts now. The staff are great to deal with and are honest good people. Anyone had enough of not getting value with who your using currently don't hesitate give these guys a call!

Jessica Sanders

Very professional outfit. I have a PK Ranger and it is hard to find centres who care about older vehicles these days. Rick, Eddie and the boys treated me like one of their high end Land Cruiser customers. I am mechanically minded and was able to really discuss my issues and findings with the vehicle which did not fall on deaf ears. Not only did they resolve my issues and breathed new life back into my old vehicle, they also repaired smaller less noticeable issues which were very inexpensive now but would have resulted in a lot more costly repairs down the track. These guys will be seeing me again 🙂 Keep up the great work.

Matthew Sonter

The diesel performance team did a great job with my hilux. I have had a reoccurring problem for years with the check engine light, limp mode and the hilux throwing codes that no mechanic was able to diagnose. The team was able to find the hidden broken wire, fix it and tune my hilux. It's been running great ever since. Would highly recommend this business.

Jessy Bloom

Rick, Eddy, and the team did a GVM upgrade on my Landcruiser 200 and were fantastic throughout the process. Thorough and very professional. Would recommend highly.

Joanne Riley

First of all I want to say a big thank you to Eddie and his team, im so impressed on the attention to detail and work they did on my 79 LandCruiser. The staff are very friendly, honest and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks again team and I look forward to getting future upgrades and work done. Regards, Dean from Apollo.

Dean T

Just picked up my turbo diesel iload, being a business owner vehicles off the road cost money, the boys did a professional job, highly informational and job completed in a couple days. Competitive price with excellent workshop and customer service, highly recommended. Thanks

Mark Ansems

What a customer service. So hard to find people willing to help. Just a phone call, I was able to get an information that saved me wasting my money and time. Thank you so much. Super happy with my experience.

Mark Uzuelli

Have just had my 2012 Land Cruiser worked on by the guys at Diesel Performance & Tune. ECU remap, transmission remap, Stocklock transmission lockup, fuel manager 2 micron post filter, catch can, carbon clean, Scan gauge & transmission service. Ray & Eddy are great guys who patiently explained everything and answered all my questions. Car runs with much more power & torque now. Very professional job. Thoroughly recommend Diesel Performance & Tune.

Colin Price

Great service, Had my 4x4 tuned and some work done. Very knowledgeable bunch. Eti was very friendly and knew what he was talking about. Thanks guys for looking after me. I'll definitely be back if I need more work done. 10/10.

David Mackow

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