4 Wheel Drive Brake Upgrades

Investing in quality brakes is critical. Increasing the weight of your vehicle by either modifications, accessories, or towing, adds extra pressure to your vehicle’s braking capacity. Whilst your standard brakes work well for a standard car, once your 4 wheel drive has been fitted out with accessories and the added weight of a camper and caravan, they might not be up to the task anymore. Added weight can increase the stopping distance of your 4WD, as the brakes will generate more heat with the added weight and this can cause brake fade. Brake fade is when your brakes have overheated and no matter how hard you push that brake pedal, the car won’t stop. This is very common when towing down a long hill or range. The brakes will only recover once they have cooled, until then, you can not stop!

The simple solution to this problem is up-grade your brakes.

We supply and install both DBA (Disc Brakes Australia) and Rugged Brake Systems.

DBA is Australia’s most awarded manufacturer and global leader in brake rotor development and manufacturing. They pride themselves in using high quality premium metals and manufacturing equipment, which in turn, delivers premium quality disc brake rotors.

And for the more extreme 4WD enthusiast, we are the Gold Coast dealer for Rugged Brake Systems. The ultimate of all brakes and best solution for maximum braking performance.

Rugged Brake Systems have specifically designed a unique 2-piece braking system suited for harsh 4×4 environments which have a similar concept to most high-performance super cars! They use aircraft-grade aluminium, zinc coated technology for increased rust resistance, a unique design to remove dirt build up, and special technology for maximized cooling.

“More Bite, More Feel, Less Fade, Easy Install, and Low Noise.”

For more information on DBA or Rugged Brake Systems for your 4×4, call one of our friendly staff today, or click on the links below.

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