Diesel Performance Tune was born from my own frustrations and personal experiences I had with my 200 series Landcruiser..

I have had my own successful mechanic shop for over 20 years, but my passions reside within the 4WD industry. Hence why I wanted the best for my own personal satisfaction.

Originally, I have used chips to enhance the performance on my previous diesel 4 wheel drives, so when I took delivery of my new 200 series Land Cruiser in 2011,  I naturally put another chip on it to improve its performance. This led to an array of problems I experienced such as continuous limp mode defaulting, which at times was potentially dangerous, black soot all over the tailgate, and smoke from the exhaust every time I was heavy on the accelerator.

You can imagine being a mechanic that this behavior from my own car was not going to cut it, so I began to investigate and research why this was happening, and what to do to improve it.

After months of thorough research, I discovered the benefits of diesel engine remapping and decided to invest heavily into this area within my business. After all, it was my passion, so it made sense to drill down on that and deliver something of high quality and precision.

A heavy financial investment in the latest 4 wheel drive Dyno, tuning and diagnostic equipment, along with extensive training has put us in the position we are in today. We are leading the way in diesel ECU remapping, we have relocated and expanded our premises, increased our staff and offer a complete one stop 4 wheel drive service and accessory centre.

After lots of research, development and testing, I can confidently say that ECU remapping is a far superior way to improve your diesel engine performance.
I’ve tested our Towing and Touring tune back-to-back against several leading brand chip’s and have seen firsthand the Dyno results. The ECU remap has given more power and more torque than every chip we have tested. Real world testing confirmed remapping, doesn’t put the car into limp mode and improved the fuel economy over the chip.

Since re-mapping the ECU on my Land Cruiser with our Towing and Touring tune, I have more power and torque, the smoke has all but gone, my tailgate stays clean, and the driveability has improved out of sight. As for the chip…. it’s in the bin, where it belongs.

With that said, we continue to move forward and strive to offer the best tuning, best service and best accessory experience for every customer. Our new premises has a state-of-the-art Dyno Dynamics 4-wheel drive dyno, the most advanced tuning software and equipment, modern clean workshop and amazing showroom displaying the best 4 wheel drive accessories on the market.

Please feel free to drop me a line, or better still drop into the workshop and see what it’s all about.

Rick Gray.

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