What is it and how does it work?

ECU (Engine Control Unit) remapping is when your original 4WD’s computer software file is replaced. The ECU remapping, or re-writing procedure over-writes and replaces the standard manufacturers software in the ECU, overwriting it with new updated software which can be programmed to optimize your 4WD’s overall performance.

The benefits of the ECU Remapping are, an increase in power and torque, better fuel economy with enhanced sharper throttle response, and a much smoother and more progressive delivery of power.

All vehicles today have ECU’s. The ECU is programmed by the manufacturer to operate and run the engine. When your 4×4’s ECU is “remapped”, we basically remove the software files that control the tuning of the engine, modify them according to the tune type we are looking for, and then put the new files back into the computer, overwriting the standard files. This is usually done through the vehicle’s standard communication plug (OBD plug or serial port) of your 4WD.

This new version of “tuned files” will enhance the engine’s performance.

The ability to flash directly through the OBD port has brought the tuning industry on in leaps and bounds, and with constant development to the engine now being much quicker via the flash process, it has allowed us to develop some of the best tuning software in the country.

Reprogramming the vehicles ECU has several advantages and we believe with the right tune and qualified technician, an ECU remap will take your 4WD to the next level, here’s why:

Increase Power and Torque

When you replace the default computer software with a fully customized, updated version, you remove the limitations which were set by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Our qualified tuner adjusts the parameters with new levels which suit your driving needs. Now you might be wondering how much increase can you expect? Every car is different, and therefore the results will be different. A power increase between 25 to 35% is quite common, however we do see some vehicles with huge increases between 40-60% and some, even more.

Better Fuel Efficiency

With the correct tuning the engine can achieve more power with less throttle, so your overall fuel economy could improve. Perfect for travelling those long distances and stretching that tank of fuel out further!

Improved Overall Performance

With an ECU remap your 4WD’s drivability will improve significantly on all aspects from accelerating, cruising, towing, and off-road driving.

Tailored and Customized to your 4WD needs

We know you didn’t buy a 4WD just to do one thing… our qualified tuner will customize your tune to suit your exact needs for all your on and off-road driving.

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