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We are a Queensland authorised dealer for Lovells suspension. The Gold Coast’s only authorised Lovells installer for GVM and BTC upgrades.

Federal and State Compliance Gross Vehicle Mass Upgrades

Whether your vehicle is for work or leisure it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to the GVM capacity. The GVM is the maximum that a vehicle can legally weigh; this includes the vehicle chassis and body, all accessories such as bull bars and winches, canopy’s and draws, dual battery systems and the weight of the vehicles occupants, fuel and personal equipment.

If your vehicle exceeds the maximum GVM then your vehicle is un-roadworthy, unsafe and will not meet insurance requirements. This is an issue for a privately-owned vehicle and an issue for fleet vehicles.

GVM upgrades can be done with Federal or State compliance. If the vehicle is brand new and still unregistered, then a Federal compliance plate can be applied – this process ensures that your vehicle is legal no matter which state it’s registration plates apply to. If the vehicle has been registered already, then a State compliance will be required – Different States can have different legislation regarding GVM and GCM, so it is very important you have all the correct information according to your State.

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