Diesel Performance Tune
Diesel Performance Tune is a new division of Alpine Mechanical Service, put in place to solely concentrate on the diesel side of our workshop.
Alpine Mechanical Service is an RACQ approved workshop and has been established for over 30 years, servicing both petrol and diesel cars, and 4 wheel drives.

We have invested a lot of time and money revamping our workshop, installing the very latest equipment available, so we can offer the most up to date tuning package’s for your common rail diesel car or 4wd, on the market today.

The last several years has seen a flood of diesel engine’s come into the car and 4 wheel drive markets, and will only continue to rise as petrol engines are just not as efficient, particularly in 4 wheel drives where towing and touring is what they were really built for. Though 4wd’s have and continue to make big improvements, they still lack that power that we are used to in petrol engines. That’s where tuning (ECU Remapping) comes into its own. Having your diesel ECU Remapped and tuned correctly will make a huge improvement in both power and economy. So come down to the Gold Coast’s only Diesel Performance Tune centre and see what we can do for you.