The EXTREME Stocklock is a new addition to the Stocklock family.

The new Stocklock “Extreme” transmission lock-up kit is much easier to operate as it is wired directly to the Sports shifter.

It has one button to turn the Stocklock on and off, and works the same way as the Dual Speed.

With the button turned on, the Stocklock will be automatic and engage around 80 km/h when in drive.

If you want to use the low speed lock-up, simply move the shifer to Sports mode and then you have lock-up in every gear from around 35 km/h.

If you don’t want the Stocklock on, simply push the button off, or move the shifter back to drive. It is that simple.

This new Extreme Stocklock is a fantastic design and I think will be the preferred option as it is just so easy to use.


Performance Tuning Specialists (Gold Coast)