We are the Gold Coast’s dealer for Stocklock Transmission lock-up kit’s.

If you drive a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series, you would have noticed the issue with the transmission. At highway speed, any movement of the accelerator or even the slightest incline on the road and the transmission can’t make its mind up which gear to be in, the torque converter is locking and UN-locking, causing the revs to increase and decrease constantly. This action will have a major effect on fuel economy. The constant locking and UN-locking of the torque converter also creates heat in the transmission. Excess heat is one of the main reasons for transmission failure.

The Stocklock torque converter lock-up kit is the answer.

Stocklock torque converter lock-up kit – Single Speed


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This technologically advanced torque converter lock-up kit automatically controls the transmission lock up. Once installed, push the high speed button in, this turns the automatic lock-up on and you never have to touch it again. The electronics are all set and automatically engage around 78 km/h. The transmission will hold in 4th, 5th and 6th gear under normal driving conditions and you won’t see that taco flaring up and down anymore. If you have the ability to monitor your transmission temperatures you will see an instant decrease. We have customers reporting up to 30 degrees cooler transmission temperatures and fuel economy improvements around 2-3 liters/ 100.

There is also a dual speed Stocklock torque converter lock-up kit. This has your standard automatic high speed torque converter lock-up and also a low speed lock-up.

Stocklock torque converter lock-up kit – Dual Speed 

Having the ability to lock the torque converter at lower speeds is a huge advantage when towing. Once the low speed is switched on and you hit around 38 km/ h, in “sports mode” on the gear lever, this will lock the torque converter in each gear, from 2nd through to 6th gear.
This will put more power and torque to the wheels, as no power is lost through the torque converter slipping. We have done back to back testing on our Dyno, and when the Low speed lock-up is activated, we achieved over 25% more Torque to the wheels.

The Dual speed Stocklock – lock-up kit is also a huge advantage going down hills, as this will give you engine braking (like a manual gearbox).

Stocklock torque converter lock-up kit – Extreme 

The new Stocklock “Extreme” transmission lock-up kit is a 3 Speed lock-up, and is much easier to operate as it is wired directly to the Sports shifter.

It has one button to turn the Stocklock on and off, and works the same way as the Dual Speed.

With the button turned on, the Stocklock will be automatic and engage around 78 km/h when in drive.

If you want to use the low speed lock-up, simply move the shifer to Sports mode and then you have lock-up in every gear from around 38 km/h.

With the shifter in sports mode and you activate LOW range, you will have lock-up from 8 km/ h.

If you don’t want the Stocklock on, simply push the button off, or move the shifter back to drive. It is that simple.

This new Extreme 3 Speed Stocklock is a fantastic design and I think will be the preferred option as it is just so easy to use, with the added 3rd speed for low range.

Low Range Advantages – 3 Speed Lock-up

The 3 speed lock-up is made for 4 wheel driving in low range.
Normally, you could be in 2nd, 3rd or 4th in low range and when you put your foot down, the transmission will flare as the torque converter UN-locks. This will result in a loss of momentum as the transmission decides what to do. This could be enough to get you bogged or get you stuck on that hill. Engaging the 3rd speed lock-up will stop the transmission flaring and send all the power directly to the wheels. The Lock-up will engage at 8 km/h which is ideal for those slippery conditions or when 4-wheel driving in sand.

Why install a Torque Converter Lockup-kit ?

Some of the advantages for fitting a Stocklock torque converter lock-up kit.

  • Automatic on/off
  • More time in top gear
  • Increased engine braking
  • Factory look/ style switches
  • Reduced flaring between gears
  • Lower transmission temperatures
  • Better fuel economy up to 3 Liters/ 100 km
  • More direct drive for better use of engine torque
  • Market leading and most technologically advanced unit available

We are the Gold Coast distributor for Stocklock torque converter lock-up kits.

Transmission Lock-up kits are available for Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series, Toyota Prado and Toyota HiLux.

If you own a 200 series Land Cruiser/ Prado or HiLux, this has got to be on the top of your list of up-grades.