The Modern Common Rail Diesel engine is equipped with an extreme high pressure, electronically controlled fuel injection system. This system can be easily damaged, and the biggest enemy of this is poor quality fuel, or more frequently contaminated fuel.
Whether it is water or particle matter that gets into jerry cans, or from service stations in remote places, the cost of repairing damage caused by contamination in your fuel can be huge. If you’re unlucky and get to experience the result of dirty or contaminated fuel getting through your fuel filter, you will quickly find the repairs are talked about in thousand dollar lots.

So!..  I hear you say, “isn’t the standard fuel filter good enough”?  The simple answer.. NO…
Ask yourself this….. Is the standard suspension good enough for 4WD-ing?
Is your 4 Wheel Drive’s ground clearance good enough for 4WD-ing?
Are the standard tyres good enough?
How many people get the brand new 4WD, mmmm, there she is… nice and shiny. Now lets take her down and get someone to either cut that front bumper, or just take it off completely and throw it in the bin, and fit a big bull bar. Why?

It’s because some parts of a 4WD just aren’t good enough and require up-grading. And that includes the fuel system.

So, to provide the best protection for your engine’s fuel system, we use and recommend the Fuel Manager. It is designed for the modern common rail diesel engine and is much cheaper than the repairs that can be caused by bad fuel.