Throttle lag, what is it? Modern turbo diesel 4 wheel drives have plenty of it….. Let me explain!

There are two main issues when is comes to accelerating with modern 4WD’s. One is turbo lag (which can be massively reduced with an ECU re-map), the other is throttle lag. This is basically a delayed response between when you put your foot down and when your 4X4 takes off.

Scenario: You’re driving around town and get to a round-a-bout. You see a gap in the traffic, put your foot down aaaaand……….. You stop. “I’ll wait for the next gap”. That delay you’ve become so used too is throttle lag!
Also when your towing, you know when you’re stuck behind that slow car and want to pass, you feel like you need to get a run up well in advance because your 4WD just won’t respond as quick as you would like. That’s also throttle lag!

It is a known fact that most modern cars suffer throttle lag, particularly turbo diesels. Technology has produced “drive-by-wire”.  This is basically an electronic accelerator pedal that, when pushed sends an electronic signal to the computer, the computer then sends this signal to the engine. This system for many reasons produces a delay and some cars a long delay, from when you push the accelerator to when the engine reacts. This is throttle lag.

So how do we fix it, I hear you say? We can eliminate throttle lag using a throttle controller.

At this point I must say, we want to install an electronic device that is going to control the accelerator on our 4X4. The first word that comes to my mind is NOT cheap! The second word that comes to mind is NOT EBay either. For me it is only QUALITY and RELIABILITY. So for this reason I would only use a “TORQIT” pedal torq throttle controller. It is Australian designed and made in Germany.

Pedal torq throttle controllers are a “plug n play”, install in minutes, will increase throttle response and eliminate throttle lag. They are adjustable so you can tailor the throttle response to your liking.

Pedal torq come in two options.
1/ Pedal torq: This unit has a cable and small button pad to change the settings.
2/ Pedal torq PLUS: This unit has Wireless Bluetooth Technology. Simply download an App, sink it to your phone and you can control the unit from your smart phone.

Pedal torq PLUS features:  

  • Installed in 60 seconds
  • Complete wireless unit
  • Increase throttle response
  • Wireless Bluetooth Technology
  • Suitable for petrol and diesel vehicles
  • Three settings: Economy, Cruise and Sport
  • Designed in Australia, manufactured in Germany
  • Unit controlled from an app on your smart phone
  • Latest generation technology for smooth and fast response time

If you would like more information or want to check out this easy fix to a huge problem, give us a call or drop in and take a look, we keep most popular throttle controllers in stock.