A good quality tune is much cheaper than a blown up engine with no warranty!

ECU remapping in simple terms is basically updating the software in your vehicles computer. Modifying the information that is already there, allows us to fine tune your computer with up-dated files which improve the running of the engine. Similar to when your mobile phone does an automatic up-date. It just up-dates the software that is already running your mobile phone. The up-dates fix any bugs and improves your phone.

Unfortunately, like any up-dates on your mobile phone, not all of them improve it. ECU remapping also works this way. Not every person who can offer you an ECU remap will necessarily up-date your files for the better. So it is extremely important you have someone with experience and the right equipment to carry out your ECU remapping.

Not all tunes are the same!

You might be surprised to find that some businesses, and probably more than you think, are offering an ECU remap, but are actually only downloading a “tuned” file from the internet and transferring that file to your car.
The problem with this is the file almost always, is written off-shore, not in Australia. The files have been written in another country, not using our fuel, our cars, or in our conditions, and some of these countries don’t tow caravans up hills like we have. SO, how can these tuned files work effectively in our 4WD’s?… They can’t!

The difference is in “who” writes these files.
All our tuned files are custom tunes, each tune file is individually written for every vehicle. Every vehicle is then tested on our 4 wheel drive Dyno to ensure it is safe. We know you can safely tow a caravan in summer, up over the gap, or the Toowoomba range. We know you will be right, crossing the Simpson Desert or going up the Telegraph track. We know you will have the maximum low down, mid-range torque for towing and 4WD-ing. We know our tunes are with-in the safety limits of a 4 wheel drive and its computer. We know our tunes are reliable, and that’s why we give you a 3 year/100,000 km warranty * on a new car.

So if you’re in the market for an ECU Remap, make sure you ask all the right questions to find out who is writing your tune. And ask about your warranty. There are some people offering cheap tunes with lesser warranties, there are even some who offer to sell you a warranty.

The equipment required to tune these 4 wheel drives is expensive; the Dyno that is used to test a 4 wheel drive is very expensive, and the training is intense and on-going and it too is also expensive.

Don’t settle for less, and don’t buy because it’s cheap.

Cheap Tune

So, if the tune is cheap, ask yourself…. WHY?
Is it cheap because there is not much of a warranty?
Is it cheap because they don’t have the equipment?
Is it cheap because they haven’t invested in training?
Or is it cheap because they just download the file from the internet?