Well. This is it! The performance tune….. What can I say about this?

4wd ECU Remapping has given us the ability to customize a tune that gives you maximum power and torque. This tune, of course will require further modifications, but when it’s done…. Hang on to your hat! The gains were talking; you can expect increases of up to 80% more power and torque. Yes 80%! Now that could be tyre frying, axle breaking and diff damaging stuff, if you’re not careful.

With ECU Remapping we can achieve great things, BUT, this tune will take the vehicle above and beyond the factory safety parameters it was built with, so if you get this tune it will come with NO warranty. I guess it’s like all race things; you don’t get a warranty on a race engine.

Do you want THAT grin?


You know… that grin you get every time you stomp on that throttle! …..

Imagine??  You’re sitting at the lights, glance over, you see…. another 4×4…he looks over;

You notice he’s got this grin!…..Checks your rig out and gives you the nod…Your heart rate goes up, palms sweaty, you look down, make sure you’re in “D” for DRAG, BUT, you decide to go “S” for Sport, your not taking any chances..

Waiting, waiting, waiting …. The lights change, you stand on it, OMG! Tha thing takes off, your hanging on, transmission shifts to 2nd, wind in your hair, AWESOME…   you look up…  wait, what ??  

He’s in front! …   What tha ??…   You notice a sticker on the back window, and you say to your girl,  “what’s that”?  She looks and say’s,  Diesel Performance Tune…  Take the next left babe; you’ll never catch him…