Do I need a GVM Up-grade?

You’ve just purchased the 4WD of your dreams! It’s time to head to the 4 wheel drive shop and fit out your new rig with all the accessories you’ve always wanted. Bull bar, winch, dual batteries, long range tanks, rear drawers, wheel carriers, roof racks etc. etc. Once you’ve emptied your wallet and upset the missus, it’s now time to hook up the Caravan and hit the road. Leave the hustle and bustle of your previous life behind, without a care in the world.

Or maybe you’re a tradie; you’ve got the dual-cab fully decked out with all the fruit, which could be tax deductible? This machine also carries all your tools, ladders and whatever else you can fit. It also doubles as your family adventure machine on weekends.

You just might be surprised; it’s all too easy to overload your 4WD with accessories and gear.

So, if this is the case, then you have a few options:

1. Have your 4WD checked and if it exceeds the GVM, sell it and buy a bigger one.
2. Have your GVM up-graded.
3. Take a chance, mmmm… What’s the worst that could happen?

a. You could have a suspension failure; the standard suspension certainly won’t cope with overloading. Aftermarket suspension’s that are not GVM certified won’t cope either.

b. You could be compromising your families, and other people’s safety, by using an overloaded vehicle!

c. You may get caught, and some might say: So what!
Well if you get caught, you will usually receive a hefty fine and maybe some demerit points too.
You just might have to unload some weight and have another vehicle take some of your stuff? You certainly can’t just drive off with it now!!

You’re defiantly going to have an argument with the missus!

d. Your insurance company may not even cover you anymore? So just imagine??? Your 200 series Land Cruiser , decked out with all the goodies, mmmm $100-$130,000 or so. Your Caravan, well if it’s new-ish, somewhere between $80-$100,000 or more, plus all your extras you have put in. Sooooo, as I said.

WHAT IS THE WORST thing that could happen?

Your $200,000 PLUS, 4WD and caravan is NOT insured.

I’m not an insurance company, nor do I know all the ins, and outs of all the fine print in the booklet’s we are all handed with our insurance. But, I think we could all agree, insurance companies don’t make a habit of paying claims if they DON’T have to.