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The reason Diesel Performance Tune was created, came through my own experience’s with the problems associated with chip tuning.
This is how it happened.

If you’re like me, I want everything…  I wanted the perfect package for my 200 series Landcruiser. I’ve always used chips before and the power and torque had definitely increased, but also experienced them sending the car into limp mode, almost always at the most inconvenient time, like when you’re overtaking someone. In my case my beautiful white Landcruiser, the car that I love, would always be covered in black soot on the tail gate. I used to tell my friends, it’s the sacrifice I was prepared to make, for the increase in power. The soot was that bad it was like a smoke screen following me every time I stood on it. The only good thing about that was it could have given me a good chance from the cameras if I gave it a boot full, not that I would have done that, or anything, but it was that bad I’m sure I could have.

Last year, towing the caravan from a trip to Emerald, home in sight, we just started to climb the hills coming into Toowoomba when the Landcruiser just ran out of power, I felt the car slowing, squeezed the throttle more and more, but nothing. The car slowed, indicator on, we luckily pulled off the road and she came to an idle. Turned the car off, checked the obvious things, water and oil, etc. jumped back in, pushed the start button and off she went, just like nothing happened.
mmmmm, Limp mode, shut down, I don’t care what you call it, I don’t like it!

After putting up with this for quite some time, I decided to investigate further for an answer. I was sick of washing the bloody car, this black soot crap all over the tail gate every time! Not to mention the sometimes, dangerous, “limp mode thing”.

Performance Chip
At the end of the day I came to my conclusion into the whole, chip thing. I was convinced that when it comes down to it, they are all chips, they are just packaged differently.

I had come to the NOW, obvious conclusion that, 4wd ECU Remapping just makes sense. I understand how it works and why it works, I just had to decide who to do it with.

I made a few calls, naaa, lots of calls and to my surprise I found not many people at all new much about re-mapping diesels. Definitely no one on the Gold Coast. I decided to look into exactly what was involved in re-mapping and quickly found myself talking to the guys from AlienTech. This is with-out a doubt the best tuning equipment in the World. Yes, the World. After many conversations, trips to the bank, trips to the accountant and more trips to the bank, decided to invest in tuning ourselves. We purchased a brand new Dyno Dynamics 4 wheel drive Dyno, AlienTech tuning equipment and lots and lots of training. We now offer ECU-remapping and with the guidance of the best tuners in Australia we can out perform just about any chip on the market in every way possible.

ECU-remapping can produce more power, more torque and better fuel economy than a chip, it’s much safer and more reliable than any chip.

I’ve tested the Towing and Touring tune back to back against several leading brand chip’s and have seen first hand the Dyno results. The ECU Remap has given more power and more torque than every chip we have tested. Real world testing confirmed Re-mapping , doesn’t put the car into limp mode and improved the fuel economy over the chip.
Since re-mapping the ECU on my Land Cruiser with the Towing and Touring tune, I have more power and torque, the smoke has all but gone and my tail gate stays clean. The drive-ability has improved out of site. As for the chip…. its in the bin, where it belongs..

So, we have upgraded our entire workshop, installed a dedicated 4WD Dyno and added a new division to solely concentrate on diesel ECU Remapping. We also do exhaust system’s, suspension and just about anything else 4×4.
Now I am spreading the word.  ECU REMAPPING, it’s the only way……

Please feel free to drop me a line, or better still drop into the workshop and see what it’s all about.

Rick Gray.

Proud owner of Alpine Mechanical Service and now Diesel Performance Tune.