•             High Speed (auto).

Auto/High speed locks 4th, 5th and 6th gear from 82km/ h, and is designed for everyday driving/ touring.
It can always stay turned on and being automatic no extra input is required.
Optionally: You can use in manual (“S” mode) from 4th-6th gear.

•             Low Speed.

Low speed locks from 2nd – 6th gear from 32km/h, and is designed for towing and touring, or working hard in sand/mud etc.
Your gears must be used manually (up and down in “S” mode) or else the gearbox will lug excessively.
If you don’t want to use your gears manually, turn off the Low speed button.

•             TIPS.

•             When towing, you should always be in “S” mode and change gears manually.

•             You can take off in S2 and then change your gears as required.

•             Low speed lock-up will disengage at 28km/h, allowing for normal operation of the automatic transmission.

•             The Stocklock can be turned on/ off, on the fly as desired.

•             As the transmission is adaptive, the more kilometers you do with the Stocklock on, and using all the gears, the more the transmission will learn YOUR driving style.

If you were to travel a fair distance in S5 towing, and then go into D6, the transmission may be hesitant to go into 6th, as it has learnt your style.

•             To get the most out of your Dual Speed lock-up when towing: Push both high and low speed buttons in, select “S” mode and use your gears manually, up and down.