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There have been reports of dust on the ‘clean’ side of the Land Cruiser 200 series air filters dating back to the release of the vehicle, back in 2007.

Varying reports on the severity of the issue range from no obvious dust, many report of small amounts of dust, and some report large amounts of dust which has allegedly led to turbo charger failure and even complete engine failure.

In my opinion, any dust on the clean side of the filter is not good.

It’s a well-known issue that the plastic factory air box doesn’t seal tight enough, and this allows the dust to pass around the outside of the filter. The only fix for this is a different design air box assembly.

As you can see here, there is a lot of dust in the top lid, which is on the “clean” side of this air filter.

To check your own air box, simply lift the lid up and wipe your finger across the inside, you will be surprised just how much dust gets in.

Many have tried all sorts of ways to try to stop the dust getting past, applying grease to the seal, adding foam tape to the lid and even different brand filters. None of these were able to stop the dust getting in. What’s the answer? Replace your air box.

There are a lot of aftermarket air boxes on the market today, but not all of them are good. After extensive research on other aftermarket air boxes, we identified several areas which either needed improvement or hadn’t been considered, so a decision was made to innovate and build our own air box. Click here to see more information on our DPT Performance Air Box.