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We show how a Stocklock increases power and torque on a 2015 Toyota Prado.

We put the Stocklock transmission lock up kit to the test on the dyno, to show how it really works.

Here we have a 2015 Toyota Prado with a 2.8 litre engine and a 6 speed automatic transmission. We carried out an ECU remap and custom Dyno tune and then fitted the dual speed Stocklock, transmission lock up kit and compared the results on the Dyno.


Here is the test vehicle, a 2015 Toyota Prado 150 series.

The customer wanted an ECU remap, and the dual speed Stocklock, transmission lock up kit fitted.
This is a very popular combination for towing and touring, as these two up-grades add real value to the Prado, giving it more power and torque (which you can never have too much of) and controlling the transmission torque converter from constantly locking and UN-locking.

So, let us begin.

As you can see on the Dyno graph below, we have completed our ECU remap and custom Dyno tune.

The Toyota Prado, in standard form produced 77 Kw of power and 265 Nm of torque at all 4 wheels (remember that the specifications you read, all talk about power at the flywheel, which is around 30% more than power measured at the wheels).

After tuning we produced 97 Kw of power and 326 Nm of torque at all 4 wheels. Giving us up to 30% more power and up to 26% more torque. This is a great improvement over the standard power that the Prado has.



Now lets show you what the Stocklock actually does.

On this Dyno graph below, you can see the standard power and torque the Prado had, also the increase in power and torque after our custom tune.

Looking at the graph, you can see the increase in power and torque with the Stocklock activated (the purple line).

The power has increased to 102 Kw and the torque is now 372 Nm which is a huge increase, just by the push of a button.
The Stocklock kit has increased the power and torque to the wheels by up to 20% on-top of the tune.

This has transformed the Toyota Prado into a great towing and touring vehicle. With our custom ECU remap and dual speed Stocklock we have increased the Toyota Prado’s power up to 42% and the torque up to 48% over standard. Now that is an awesome result.


For more information on the Stocklock, transmission lock up kit, or custom dyno tuning your vehicle, please give us a call here at Diesel Performance Tune.