• New vehicles whilst under new car warranty are covered by a 3 year/100,000 km warranty*.

  • Vehicles outside of new car warranty are covered by a limited warranty*.

  • All our tune files are individually written and customized for every single vehicle.

  • All our tunes have been tried and tested for our conditions.

  • Only “factory trained” tuners, write our tunes.

*If your vehicle returned to the dealer, and for any reason the ECU firmware was updated and the “tuned” file was overridden, we will “re-flash” your tuned file back to your ECU at NO CHARGE. (conditions apply)

* warranty in not transferable. 

ECU Re-mapping enables us to increase the power and torque, and improve the fuel economy of your common rail diesel whilst staying within the factory safety parameters. Years of real world research, testing and development have gone into our ECU Remapping tunes, so you can be assured the quality of these tunes are second to none.