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Diesel carbon clean explained….. All engines produce a carbon build up, turbo diesel engines, maybe more so. This carbon is like cholesterol, “for a car”. It slowly builds up over time, helping to block EGR valve’s and manifolds, restrict air flow through the inlet valves, whilst also gumming up throttle bodies. This carbon build up will slowly rob your engine of power and fuel economy. To help prevent this carbon build up, a regular “Carbon Clean” is required. This process uses a specialised machine to administer chemicals through the intake system, these chemicals break down and dissolve the carbon. This cleaning process is vital for longevity on your turbo diesel engine. We have seen plenty of 4WD’s come in with engine check lights on, running rough and complaints of poor performance and economy. Usually when it gets to this stage, a regular carbon clean won’t fix it. A costly repair will be required, removing of some engine parts and manifolds for cleaning, and maybe a few days off the road…. So, when you are having your 4WD serviced, have a Carbon Clean done, If you haven’t had a Carbon Clean before, get one before its too late.

Oil in the throttle body is evidence, the carbon has already started to build.

Carbon is building up on the EGR valve.

Our Carbon Cleaning machine in action.

This Ford Ranger had a 21% increase in power, after a Carbon Clean.