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Why do 200 series Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles require a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) Upgrade?

Recent assessment has shown that a fully rigged 200 Series with bull bar, winch, extra fuel tank, roll out drawers and a rear bar with spare wheel carrier can be close to or over the manufacturers Original Equipment GVM of 3300kg….. That’s without anyone in the vehicle!

The following is a theoretical analysis of Original Equipment (Factory Gross Vehicle Mass) and limitations to load carrying.

Load carry available after 8 x 68 Kg people on board, with 13.6 kg luggage each, no additional LBA
MIN MAX 8 x 68 kg 8 x 13.6 kg
GXL Petrol 2555 2635 2595 544 108.8 3248 3300 52
VX & Sahara Petrol 2610 2665 2638 544 108.8 3290 3300 10
GLX T/diesel 2630 2700 2665 544 108.8 3318 3300 -18
VX & Sahara T/diesel 2675 2720 2698 544 108.8 3350 3300 -50
NB:  Roof load capacity 200 Kg

Therefore, a vehicle with eight (8) average size occupants and luggage will theoretically exceed the Original Equipment and legal Gross Vehicle Mass. This is without any load bearing accessories (spare wheel carrier, bull bar, winch, roof rack, draw system, dual batteries etc) fitted.

Lovells GVM Upgrade Kits provide a solution for owners of 200 series Toyota Landcruiser’s. The 200 series has a standard GVM of 3300kg, the Lovells GVM Upgrade kit will bring that up to 3800kg, giving the vehicle an increase of 500kg.
GVM Upgrade kits are also available for Toyota 70 series, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Prado, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Isuzu D-Max and Nissan Patrol vehicles who all have a need to carry loads which exceed the Original Equipment GVM specifications.

For more information about GVM Upgrades on your vehicle, contact us here at Diesel Performance Tune.

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